Oakland, California

Like San Francisco, Oakland grew rapidly in the years after the 1849 gold rush. The city boomed with the advent of railroads, automobile factories, and the aviation industry. As these endeavors flourished, Oakland drew in African-American migrants from the Deep South and immigrants from as far away as Asia. The result is a city diverse in culture, tradition, and foods.

Explore the history of Oakland and its downtown parks with the Walking the Invisible City public tour. Markers throughout the tour inform visitors about important sites and events. Take a detour and wander through Oakland's Chinatown. It bustles with fresh produce, warm pastries, and a wondrous variety of dim sum restaurants. Visit Mountain View Cemetery and take in a sweeping view of the bay and city below, and an amazing sunset.

Explore Oakland's diversity with cuisine explorations. Start out with an order of chicken and waffles or poached eggs and cheddar grits at Brown Sugar Kitchen. Watch as your pork dumplings are made by hand at Shan Dong Restaurant. Try traditional Burmese dishes like fried yellow bean tofu, shan noodles, and fermented tea leaf salad at Burma Superstar.

All Photos: Courtesy of the Oakland Convention & Visitors Bureau; photos by Barry Muniz

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