Market Share

Updated March 2014

Capacity By Region Fourth Quarter 2013 - Alaska Airlines

The information below indicates the percentage of Alaska Air Group's available seat miles (ASMs) used in the airline's primary markets. The information below does not include ASMs for charter flights.

Market % of Total ASMs
Alaska long haul 11.2%
Alaska short haul 2 %
Bay Area 7.1%
Canada 2.0%
Hawaii 19.3%
Mexico 6.8%
Mid-Continental 7.8%
Mountain 8.4%
Pacific Northwest 2.3%
Southern California 15.6%
Transcontinental 13.1%

Source: Company data

Alaska Air Group Passenger Share Third Quarter 2013*

The information below indicates the share of the market's passengers Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air collectively transport on dominant routes leaving or arriving in one of Alaska Airlines' hubs of Seattle; Portland, Ore; Los Angeles; and Anchorage, Alaska.

Seattle To: Market Passenger Share**
Las Vegas 66%
Los Angeles 55%
Spokane, WA 100%
Orange County, CA 88%
San Diego 76%
Phoenix 41%
San Jose, CA 71%
Oakland, CA 46%
Burbank, CA 78%
San Francisco 41%

Portland, Ore. To: Market Passenger Share**
San Jose, CA 54%
Las Vegas 40%
Orange County, CA 73%
San Diego 56%
Seattle 92%

Los Angeles To: Market Passenger Share**
Vancouver, British Columbia 75%
Portland, OR 51%
Los Cabos, Mexico 41%
Puerto Vallarta 66%

Anchorage, Alaska To: Market Passenger Share**
Fairbanks, Alaska 85%
Seattle 82%
Juneau, Alaska 100%
Bethel, Alaska 85%
Portland, OR 96%

*Source: APGDat U.S. DOT O&D report (information lags by two quarters)
** Alaska Air Group totals include passengers carried on Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air only.