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Alaska Airlines Foundation

Alaska Airlines Foundation

We are committed to philanthropic giving and, with that goal in mind, created the Alaska Airlines Foundation.

A small number of cash grants ranging on average from $5,000 to $15,000 are given to 501(3) non-profit organizations classified as public charities in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington State. These grants should focus on educational efforts that address a unique need or value to a community.

Funding Guidelines

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Unsolicited applications are not encouraged. Those interested in applying to the Foundation should send a letter of inquiry before preparing a full application. Letters of inquiry must be received by September 30th of the calendar year to be considered for possible funding.

The Foundation does not fund:

  • Loans and grants to individuals or private business.
  • Groups that discriminate.
  • Endowments.
  • Religious organizations (if for sacramental purposes).
  • Pageants.
  • Capital projects.
  • Multi-year commitment or automatic renewal grants.
  • General operating expenses.
  • Publicly or privately funded educational institutions. Most schools (public or private) are eligible for funding through Alaska's Employee Gift Matching Program.
  • Organizations whose prime purpose is to influence legislation.

How to Apply

Letters of Inquiry to the Foundation must be received no later than September 30th of the calendar year. A response will generally be provided within 60 days.

Tim R. Thompson
Executive Director
Alaska Airlines Foundation
4750 Old International Airport Road
Anchorage, AK 99502
(907) 266-7230