Seattle Gay Travel Guide

T his vibrant, progressive, endlessly beautiful city is not just a paradise for coffee purists (including the home of LGBT-friendly Starbucks). It's also an ideal wedding destination now that Washington has joined the exclusive club of U.S. states that will officially bless your nuptials. Check out bohemian Pike-Pine corridor for its pleasing mix of vintage boutiques, cafes, and art galleries. You'll discover plenty of gay bars along Pine and Pike, particularly around the intersection with Broadway, including 29-year old lesbian mainstay The Wildrose. Just remember to take your umbrella.

  • Getting There

    Alaska Airlines is Seattle's largest airline with the most non-stop flights to 68 cities in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
  • Seattle Public Library

    Arts & Culture

    For a masterpiece of contemporary architecture, you can't do much better than Rem Koolhaas' stunning 11-story-high Central Library. Inside, look for the Book Spiral, a continuous series of shelves containing the non-fiction collection that spirals gently through four floors of the building. On a sunny day, head to the Olympic Sculpture Park—nine landscaped acres stretching down the harbor—and enjoy the Alexander Calder and Richard Serra sculptures against the backdrop of Elliott Bay.
  • Off the Beaten Path

    In Seattle, you're never far away from nature. From the parking lot of the Museum of History and Industry you can find the Arboretum Waterfront Trail, a marshy mile-long stroll among willow trees, yellow iris, elderberry—and the birds that live among them.
  • Pike Place Market

    Not to Be Missed

    Pike Place Market, at First Avenue and Pike Street, has that rare distinction of being a popular tourist spot that is also a destination for locals. Founded in 1907, it's a riot of color and smell, famous for its fish stalls, and a great place for an early morning coffee before starting your day.
  • Get in the Mood

    Read: Hunting Mister Heartbreak (1990) by Jonathan Raban.
    Listen: Macklemore, Seattle's pro-gay rights rapper, whose song, "Same Love" went viral in 2012.
    Watch: The Fabulous Baker Boys, in which Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges struggle to make it as jazz pianists in Seattle—until Michelle Pfeiffer joins their act.
  • Seattle's Kerry Park

    Insider Tips

    "For a postcard view of downtown, there's Kerry Park in Queen Anne. Even my jet-lagged friends thank me for dragging them here." – Joe Heitzberg, Founder MediaPiston
  • Gay Trivia

    Seattle is home to writer and activist Dan Savage, the man behind the hugely successful "It Gets Better" campaign to combat bullying of LGBT teens, and organizer of the city's annual Hump! Film Festival.
  • Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

    LGBT Arts

    The annual Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival held in October, has showcased the best in LGBT cinema since 1996. Event producer, Three Dollar Bill Cinema, also presents Translations: the Seattle Transgender Film Festival in May, the Outdoor Cinema at Cal Anderson Park in Capitol Hill in July and August and other film screenings throughout the year.

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