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Board Room Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

Board Room VIP/Conference Rooms* feature comfortable seating, expansive work surfaces, and all the equipment you'll need to conduct business including phones, internet connectivity, TV, and whiteboard. Catering is also available in select locations.

As a member, you can reserve a conference room for $25 (USD) per hour. Non-members may also reserve any of our conference rooms for $50 (USD) per hour. Price does not include $45 (USD) guest pass fee. Each additional guest will be charged $45 (USD). Reservations and a minimum 1 hour rental required. Please contact Customer Care to reach the specific Alaska Airlines Board Room where you'd like to reserve a conference room. You may also contact Board Room Administration at 206-392-5824.

* Available in Anchorage, Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles.

New One Year Membership $450
New One Year MVP® Membership $375
New One Year MVP® Gold/75K Membership $295

For more information about pricing, see the Board Room Enrollment page.