A New Way To Find Low Fares And Visit Your Facebook Friends

FlyingSocial® is a fun way to find flights and low fares to visit your Facebook friends. The Alaska Airlines Facebook app shows the locations of all your friends and family on a map. Click on their profile picture and quickly see the lowest price from your city.

Search Using Money Or Miles

For frequent flyers with miles to burn, you can see how many miles you'll need to fly to your friend. Once you’ve picked your next friend to visit, FlyingSocial® brings you back here to to complete the booking.

Be sure to share the flight information with your friends to let them know you'll be visiting!

Privacy Information

Get started by logging in to Facebook and accept the terms:

  • FlyingSocial® uses the names, hometowns and locations of you and your friends to show you our low fares next to their profile photos.
  • FlyingSocial® won't store this information after you use it.
  • FlyingSocial® will not post on your wall or your friends' walls without your permission.