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DOT & CTA Airline Passenger Protection

What Is Airline Passenger Protection?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) and Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) have issued several rules with regards to how all air carriers, including Alaska Airlines, display and charge baggage fees.

What Does This Mean For Me?

For more than 80% of our customers, nothing will change. If you buy a ticket from Alaska Airlines and fly solely on Alaska Airlines, you will follow Alaska Airlines baggage policy.

However, when purchasing or flying an itinerary that involves more than one airline, be sure to check your itinerary or email confirmation to determine which airline's policy will apply to your trip.

When shopping for flights at or through our Reservations Call Center, the applicable baggage information will be provided as soon as your itinerary is selected.

What Are the Rules? How is Alaska Airlines Complying?

The rules are listed below, along with how Alaska Airlines is complying with those rules.

  • Ensure that the same baggage allowances and baggage fees apply throughout a passenger's journey.
    • The DOT & CTA require that when passenger travel involves multiple airlines, a consistent baggage fee be charged throughout the entire journey. The baggage rules applied are based on a passenger's specific itinerary. When shopping at or through our Reservations Call Center, we will advise customers which airline's policy applies once specific flights have been selected
  • Include on e-ticket confirmations information about the free baggage allowance and applicable fees for the first and second checked bag and carry-on.
    • Alaska Airlines will include the applicable first and second bag fee information and provide a link to the applicable full baggage policy on the confirmation email our customers receive after purchasing a ticket at or through our Reservations Call Center.
  • Disclose changes in bag fees/allowances on their homepage for three months, to include information regarding the free baggage allowance.
    • Alaska Airlines will post changes to checked and carry-on baggage fees and allowances on both the applicable Baggage Policy page and the Optional Services and Fees pages at for at least 3 months after the change goes into effect .
  • Disclose all fees for optional services to consumers through a prominent link on their homepage.
    • Alaska Airlines provides a link to our Optional Services and Fees page from the Quicklinks section on the lower right hand side of the homepage.
  • Require the marketing carrier to disclose on its website any difference between its optional services and fees and those of the carrier operating the flight.

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