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DOT & CTA Airline Passenger Protection

Questions and Answers

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During the shopping process, when will I know how much my bag fees are going to be for my trip?

First and second bag fee amounts will be displayed to you after you have selected your specific itinerary/travel dates, and moved to the next screen (cart screen).

Will my e-ticket confirmations provide a recap of specific bag fees for my trip?

Yes. Your confirmation email will summarize your ticket purchase, along with first and second bag fees you can expect to pay, and also link you to the applicable airline website for their full baggage policy.

How will I know what bag fees to pay when I check in for my flight?

Self check-in via web or kiosk will display which airline's fees apply and will give the option to pay for the amount due for the number of standard bags selected. When checking in with an agent, all rules for the applicable airline will be applied to determine charges and free allowances.

Does the DOT/CTA baggage fee rule apply to international travel?

The baggage rule applies to international flights into or out of the United States or Canada. (e.g. Vancouver B.C. to Seattle or Vancouver B.C. to London) The rule would not apply to itineraries that do not include a stop the United States or Canada (e.g. Tokyo to London).

Where can I find a summary of Alaska Airlines baggage fees and allowances?

The Quicklinks section (lower right side) of the homepage has a link to the Optional Services and Fees page, the checked baggage policy, and the carryon baggage policy.

The Optional Services and Fees page also includes links to Alaska Airlines Codeshare Partners and links to all carriers that Alaska Airlines has baggage agreements with.

As a customer how would I know if Alaska Airlines has made a change to bag fees or bag fee allowances?

Like all carriers, Alaska Airlines is now required to have a link on its homepage notifying customers that a change to their carry-on allowance, first and second checked baggage allowances, or bag fees has occurred. The notice will remain on our homepage for three months from the effective date of the change.

What is the effective date for the new rules?

The DOT Airline Passenger Protection rules have been in effect since July 24, 2012. CTA Passenger Protection rules are in effect for travel on or after April 1, 2015.

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