Holiday Travel Tips - Alaska Airlines
Before Your Trip

Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Travel

Check the Status of Your Flight

Flying in winter can sometimes mean weather delays. But you have options for staying up to date with your flight status before you leave for the airport.

Wrap Gifts After You Arrive

Do not wrap your gifts and packages when you’re carrying them on board. All items carried on board are subject to inspection and may be unwrapped at the security checkpoint.

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Check In Before You Arrive at the Airport

Use Web Check-In from 1 to 24 hours before your flight to print your boarding pass in advance. You can add passport information, change your seat assignment, upgrade to First Class, and print a receipt for your flight.

You can also use Mobile Check-In, or download one of our Mobile Apps and check in from your mobile device.

Plan for Extra Transportation Time to the Airport

The drive to and from the Airport and its parking lots can become very congested during holiday travel periods. Please allow extra time getting to and from the airport.

We encourage you to take a shuttle to the airport or park at a satellite parking lot nearby. You should also allow extra time for parking during busy holiday travel periods, as lots may be full.

Plan Extra Time for Baggage Check and Security Procedures

The ticket counters and security lines are very busy during the holiday travel season. Plan to arrive extra early and give yourself some breathing room, the beginning of a great holiday can start with a relaxing flight.

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Plan For Your Pet Travel

Because of high volume of baggage and cargo, customers are unable to travel with pets in the baggage and cargo compartments on flights 2000-2999 and flights 3440-3499 during the peak holiday season. Additionally, pet travel may be restricted on all of our flights during extreme weather. Please visit our Traveling with Pets page for detailed information.

Travel Stress-Free Every Day

In addition to the above holiday-specific tips, be sure to review our Everyday Travel Tips to help make flying a more enjoyable experience during the holidays and any time of year.