Food & Beverage Service

Horizon Air and SkyWest Food and Beverage Service

Have a Drink on Us

On flights operated by Horizon Air and SkyWest, we offer a wide selection of wines and microbrews from California, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest at no additional charge. Enjoy!

On each flight we'll have one wine and one microbrew available. Enjoy!

Beer Offerings:

  • Saint Archer White Ale
  • Portland Zig Zag Lager
  • Portland Black Watch Cream Porter
  • Bridgeport Ebenezer Ale

White Wine Offering:

  • Bridgman Chardonnay

Red Wine Offering:

  • Red Theory Red Blend
Saint Archer White Ale Portland Zig Zag Lager Portland Black Watch Porter Bridgeport Ebenezer Ale Bridgman Chardonnay Red Theory Red Blend
Sodas and Mixers:
Coca-Cola®, Coke Zero™, Diet Coke®, Sprite®, Sprite Zero™, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water, Club Soda.
Coke Products
Juices and Other Beverages
Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Bloody Mary Mix, Athena Bottled Water, Tazo® Awake black tea, Tazo® Sweet Orange herbal infusion tea, and proudly serving Starbucks® Coffee.
Starbucks Logo

Snacks and Liquor

Flights operated by Horizon Air and SkyWest Airlines offer snacks and liquor available for purchase on select flights. Our food items are both delicious and free of trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and MSG.

Flight attendants will announce the items available on your flight, which will depend on time of day, length of flight and air turbulence. We apologize if your selection is not available.

Purchases require a credit or debit card - we are unable to accept cash.

Complimentary Liquor
Premium Liquor - $7 USD
  • Sun Liquor Rum
  • Sun Liquor Gin
  • Sun Liquor Vodka
  • Crater Lake Hazelnut Espresso Vodka
Liquor - $6 USD
  • Crown Royal
  • Dewar's White Label Scotch
Northwest Deli Picnic Pack
Northwest Deli
Picnic Pack - $6 USD

Kettle Brand Potato Chips
Old Wisconsin Salami
La Panzanella Crackers
Sahale Snacks® Nut Mix
Dark Chocolate Almond Roca
Glacier Ridge Farms Smoked Gouda
Kids' Choice Picnic Pack
Kids' Choice
Picnic Pack - $6 USD

Pirate's Booty White Cheddar Puffs, Old Wisconsin Turkey Snack Stick, Tree Top Cinnamon Applesauce, My Super Snack Chocolate Chip Granola Bar, YumEarth Organic Fruit Snacks, Wikki Stix Play Pack.
Mediterranean Picnic Pack
Mediterranean Tapas
Picnic Pack - $6 USD
(Vegan and gluten-free)

Late July® Multigrain Snack Chips, Mario® snack olives, Wild Garden™ hummus dip, Madi K's almonds®, Vacaville Fruit Company Snackins' Apricots, TCHO Dark Chocolate.
Cheese and Fruit Platter
Alaska Airlines Signature Fruit & Cheese Platter – $7 USD

Beecher's Flagship, Tillamook® Sharp Cheddar and a wedge of Brie with fresh seasonal fruit and Partners crackers.
Available on flights between Seattle and Omaha, Portland and Tucson, and from Seattle to Colorado Springs.