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Inflight Wi-Fi

Fly with the Internet using Gogo®

Alaska Airlines is pleased to offer Gogo Inflight Internet on almost all of our aircraft operating within the Lower 48 United States and specific areas in Alaska.

Use your laptop or other Wi-Fi enabled mobile device to surf the web, instant message, email and VPN in the air. Look for the Wi-Fi symbol to the right as you board your aircraft to see if you will have Wi-Fi on your flight. Additional information will be available in a card in your seatback pocket onboard the aircraft. Once above 10,000 feet, flight attendants will announce the system is available. Signing up is easy:

  1. Turn on your Wi-Fi
  2. Find the gogoinflight signal and connect
  3. Launch your web browser and sign up

Gogo Inflight Internet Frequently Asked Questions

Gogo Pricing

Gogo has flexible pricing options ranging from $1.95 - $39.95 including per-flight, day passes and several different subscriptions.
Review day and monthly pass options.

Gogo Inflight Internet Coverage

WiFi Coverage

Which Airplanes
Have Gogo?

We have Gogo installations on the following aircraft:

32 of 32

61 of 61

17 of 17

21 of 29

Please Note: Nine 737-400s, including our five 737 Combis, are not scheduled for Gogo installation. Additionally, Horizon Air and SkyWest Airlines aircraft are not scheduled for Gogo installation.

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