Burbank, California

In 1867 a Maine dentist by the name of Dr. David Burbank began buying parcels of land just northwest of Los Angeles. The good doctor had the foresight to develop the region using the emerging railroads. He also thought to build the Burbank Theatre. Today Burbank is home to numerous film and TV production companies.

Tour the sets of current TV shows and movies at Warner Brothers Studios. Pose for photos in the famous Friends coffee shop, Central Perk. Put your hiking shoes on and head to the Verdugo Mountains, where you can glimpse the San Gabriel Mountains along with surprising patches of wildflowers. Relax in the shade with a picnic at Johnny Carson Park. Grab a bratwurst or a grilled cheese sandwich from one of the many food trucks that populate The Pointe just around the corner.

Wake up to a strong espresso-like cortadito at Porto's Bakery and Café - enjoy it with a chorizo and egg omelet sandwich or a guava and cheese pastry. Order up some cheesy garlic tots or Frito-covered jailhouse tacos, while you sample the latest IPAs on tap at Tony's Darts Away.