Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Dutch Harbor is the gateway for ships and airplanes to access Unalaska, Alaska, a town in the Aleutian Islands at the confluence of the Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea. Surrounded by water, Dutch Harbor connects to the rest of Unalaska via a 500-foot bridge. The city serves as one of the busiest fishing ports in the nation. The Aleutians are home to over 100 species of birds, and the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge is in this region.

Museum of the Aleutians invites you into the art and culture of the Aleut/Unangan native people. This museum also features exhibits on Russian settlement in the Aleutians. The onion-domed Church of the Holy Ascension, built in the 1850's, preserves the area's Russian heritage. The Aleutian World War II Historic Park has a reconstructed a radio room that looks as it did during the war.

Peking Restaurant on Gilman Road serves up good Chinese food, and offers a very fresh sushi bar. Sometimes they even host karaoke.

Photographer: Kristen Kemmerling