Guadalajara, Mexico

Things To Do In Guadalajara

The center stone of this historic district is El Parian, a plaza found in the middle of the district that houses more than a dozen restaurants and bars. Diners and imbibers are treated to the trumpets, guitars, and vocal chords of traditional mariachi bands. Venturing a few blocks from El Parian, visitors encounter shops, galleries, and the pride of the district, the Premio Nacional de la Ceramica - a nationally renowned pottery museum.

Moreles Street and Ninos Heroes Street
Guadalajara JA Mexico

The hub of visitor travel, the Centro Historico (or Historic Center) District, is laden with centuries-old colonial-era buildings. Look to the Hospicio Cabanas for painted murals by one of Mexico's most important artists - Jose Clemente Orozco. For culture and entertainment, consider the Teatro Degollado, where actors play to audiences in an 1866 playhouse, complete with ornately painted ceilings and a columned facade.

City of Guadalajara
Guadalajara JA Mexico

Much like Central Park in New York City, Parque Agua Azul (or Blue Water Park) is a green retreat from an otherwise urban environment. Outdoor concerts are common here, and every Saturday morning a street market sets up on park grounds. The iridescent wings of delicate butterflies can also be seen at the park's butterfly enclosure. In addition, park visitors can stand on the banks of a lake or visit the Archaeological Museum of Western Mexico.

Calzada Independencia Sur #973
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This dual-spired architectural marvel was first constructed in 1618 and then partially rebuilt in the 1800s after a decimating earthquake. Ringing the main entrance to the Catholic cathedral are vendors selling religious items, including prayer cards and saintly figurines. Once inside, be sure to look to the stained-glass windows near the altar for beautiful renditions of saints.

Centro Historico, Avenue 16 de Septiembre Between Hidalgo and Morelos
Guadalajara JA Mexico

The abolition of slavery in Mexico was proclaimed from the grounds of the Palacio de Gobierno and Plaza de Armas in 1810, a move that was ratified in 1829. Today, visitors can view murals painted by Mexican artist Jose Clemente Orozco in the Palacio's state council room. One of the murals, perhaps among his most famous works, depicts the historic event that ended slavery in Mexico.

Corona Street between Pedro Moreno and Morelos
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The tour includes a panoramic drive through the main avenues of Guadalajara. Upon arrival to the historical center, we will begin the walking tour. The tour ends in the beautiful artisan village of Tlaquepaque.

Discover the magic of tequila in the heart of Mexico. From the fields to the processing distillery follow the path of the Agave to give you a wonderful overview of this strong spirit. Highlights include: *Learn the history of Tequila *Follow the Agave plant from field to distillery *Visit Camp Agavero, known for its special blend of Tequila *Sample the product!

Food & Drink In Guadalajara

La Tequila is an interesting, visually impressive restaurant. The menu is Mexican in essence using traditional ingredients blended in a sophisticated, casually innovative way.

Av. Mexico 2830
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Casa Tomas offers authentic fish and seafood dishes, along with meats, salads, and sides that combine to create a great meal. The wine cellar is well thought out as are the drinks at the bar. The service is elegant and discreet, complementing the unique experience of the restaurant.

Calderon de la Barca # 95
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Thirteen Sioux tribes, a thousand rituals, one magical place: Santa Fe, New Mexico. We honor this city at Santo Coyote. It is a place where the Creole cuisine, great wine, and a great atmosphere, converge to create a true dining experience.

Calle Lerdo de Tejada 2379
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Talento is a diverse culinary experience and a new style of fusion cuisine. They have received the Five Star Diamond Award by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, and became the first restaurant in Guadalajara to receive this award for three straight years (2007, 2008 and 2009). Talento offers a unique culinary experience where one can delight their senses with delicious creations created with unmatched flavors and textures with Thai influences.

Av. la Paz #2309
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At Asador La Vaca Argentina, enjoy a trip through the gastronomic region of the Pampas in Argentina, guided by an authentic gaucho, the head Chef, Juan Angel Marcelo Pica. The meat used by the restaurant is all Angus certified. The extensive wine cellar offers wine from five continents and maintains a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius.

Tomas V. Gomez 25
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Nightlife In Guadalajara

Opened in 1886, this large neo-Classical building is home to the city's opera and orchestra. Frescoes in the theatre dome show impressive scenes from Dante's Divine Comedy by Gerardo Suarez.

Avenida Hidalgo y Morelos Zona Centro
Guadalajara JA Mexico
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Teatro Diana was an impressive state-of-the-art movie theater that closed its doors in 1995. However, in 2001, a massive remodeling project began, culminating in its grand re-opening in 2005 as a performing arts venue. Among the many acts to visit Diana's stage are Pavarotti, Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance, the Alan Parsons Project, Placebo and Ballet Folklorico.

Avenida 16 de Septiembre
Guadalajara JA Mexico
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Shopping In Guadalajara

Visit two colorful trading centers for thousands of Mexican handcrafted gifts and decorative items, and view firsthand the making of blown glass, papier mache, ceramics and more, on this guided tour of Tonala and Tlaquepaque.

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