Nome, Alaska

Things To Do In Nome

This preserve sits on the site of the Bering Land Bridge that connected Asia with North America more than 13,000 years ago. It can only be reached by plane or boat in the summer and dogsled, skis, or snowmobile in winter. Besides great wildlife viewing and remote trails, the natural pools of Serpentine Hot Springs are a favorite attraction.

Near Shismarek Inlet
Nome, AK 99762
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Nome's only museum profiles the area's history, from the discovery of gold by the "Three Lucky Swedes" in 1898 to the gradual decline of beachside mining camps shortly thereafter. There are also exhibits that examine Eskimo culture and aviation history, and an extensive photograph collection with more than 14,000 images.

223 Front Street
Nome, AK 99762
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This 73-mile road heads northeast from Nome to the quaint community of Council. At first, the drive hugs the coastline where you can see fishermen hang their catches on drying racks during the summer. Then, visitors pass by the birding wetlands of Safety Sound and head inland near a rusted and abandoned steam locomotive from the late 1800s, better known as the Last Train to Nowhere.

Council Road
Nome, AK 99762
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