About Discount Codes - Alaska Airlines

About Discount Codes

Discount Codes are used to reduce the fare of applicable new ticket purchases and redeemed at alaskaair.com® and EasyBiz®. Discount Codes may be included in your Insider Newsletter, Mileage Plan correspondence, direct mail, local newspaper advertisements, or via other promotional partners.

Note: Certificates and gift cards are different from Discount Codes. Please enter these types of codes on the billing page as a form of payment. Learn More

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Using a Discount Code

  • To redeem a Discount Code, type the code in the box marked Discount Code on the same page you enter your travel cities and dates.
  • Discount Codes can be stored in your My Account profile to be accessed for later use. Not a My Account member? Join now

General Rules

  • Only one Discount Code may be applied per reservation.
  • Discount Codes may be used in conjunction with gift cards, certificates or My Wallet redemptions.
  • Discount Codes can only be redeemed for airfare purchases at alaskaair.com and EasyBiz for electronic tickets with a maximum of eight segments.
  • Discount Codes cannot be used when shopping for Award Reservations.
  • Discount Codes are not the same as Alaska Airlines Vacations promo codes. Alaska Airlines Vacations promo codes cannot be used as Discount Codes, and vice versa.
  • Discount Code reductions may not apply to all flights; itineraries consist of point-to-point and through fares which are used to construct total price.
  • Discount Codes apply to original purchases only, and cannot be applied towards ticket exchanges.