Cancun, Mexico

Cancun stretches along the easternmost point of the Yucatan Peninsula and is considered one of Mexico's world-renown resort cities. This resort town boasts soft, white sand beaches that border aquamarine waters. In the early 1970s, the Mexican government bankrolled the first hotels - sparking off a boom in construction and creating a destination suited for fun and relaxation.

Explore the ancient ruins of the Mayan city of Chichen Itza. Step back in time and learn more about the Mayan culture and history at the Museo Maya de Cancun. Don't forget to walk around the grounds and under the red mango canopy. Hop a local bus and ride to the clean and quiet beach of Playa Delfines. Catch a real game of football (soccer) with Cancun's national team Atlante Football Club.

Start your morning off with coffee, waffles, and eggs cooked up any way you'd like at La Pasteleteria. Grab fish or chorizo tacos along at the reliable Pik Nik. Spend an evening listening to local musicians and noshing on small plates at El Pabilo. Pick out a traditional Mayan treat - or five - from Ah Cacao's chocolate and coffee shop.