Cordova, Alaska

This small fishing village is nestled at Orca Inlet on Prince William Sound, at the base of the Chuigach Mountain Range. Cordova is the gateway to the 700,000 acre Copper River Delta, where prized salmon swim in the springtime to reach their northern breeding grounds. People journey to Cordova every year to work on the fishing boats. Millions of birds stop in the river mudflats during their own migration, drawing wildlife photographers to the Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival each May.

Travel the 49.5-mile Copper River Highway through those extraordinary river wetlands. The road ends at Million Dollar Bridge, built in 1910 to haul copper ore from the mines. Along the way, you may sight moose and mountain goats, as well as birds. And near the bridge, behold spectacular roadside Child's Glacier.

Paddle in a sea kayak alongside seals and sea otters. Discover mountain biking on old logging roads. Raft on the Copper River. You can even experience a salmon fishing expedition, led by knowledgeable local guides. Fresh pastries and hot espresso drinks await you at the Killer Whale Café in the Orca Book & Sound store. Try the Reluctant Fisherman Bar & Restaurant for dinner, looking onto the small boat harbor as you enjoy your evening meal.