Great Falls, Montana

Great Falls, Montana sits along the Missouri River where the Midwest Plains rise up to meet the Rocky Mountains. This geography created a series of waterfalls that gave the city its name. It's also what drew businessman Paris Gibson to start building a settlement here in the early 1880s. The city maintains a nostalgic charm - as seen in the movie A River Runs Through It - some of its scenes were filmed in Great Falls.

Explore Giant Heritage Springs State Park and see one of the world's largest freshwater springs. Take in the views of the falls or see how to feed and identify fish at the hatchery. Visit the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center and learn about the pair's epic expedition. Peruse the art and architecture of Montana with a trip to the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art. Not only does the museum showcase local artists, but it also resides in a former school built in 1896.

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