Kauai, Hawaii

Enter this ancient land of primordial beauty at the remote northwest edge of the Hawaiian Islands. Explore its 50 miles of pristine beaches. Eons of wind, rain, and lava have crafted the canyons, cliffs, and powerful waterfalls you find here. Mark Twain called Waimea Canyon the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. There is also the island's softer side - lush tropical greens and fields of flowers tell you why people call Kauai the Garden Island.

Kauai's human history is an adventure in itself. You'll find it in small towns, art galleries, market places, and even in buildings from the era of sugar and pineapple plantations. Design meets nature as you walk along the Kauai coastal path, with its landscape of coconut trees. Emerald green golf courses look out onto ocean and bluffs. Have you always wanted to surf Hawaiian waves? Expert board instructors can show you how.

You can only access a portion of Kauai by car. Travelers experience the rest of it by foot, bicycle, raft, kayak, and horseback. Raft through sapphire blue sea cave waters on the Na Pali west coast. Some of those are lava tubes hollowed out over millions of years, and waterfalls cascade at their entrances.

Unpaved roads and a footpath lead to secluded white sand and black lava rock beaches in northeast Kauai. Brush through wet abundant green jungle terrain. Imagine what you could see from the sky when seasoned island pilots take you up for an unforgettable air tour.

Photo 3: Courtesy Jean Whiteley

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