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Manzanillo, Mexico

Things To Do In Manzanillo/Costa Alegre

This family-friendly beach is often crowded - but for good reason. The waves are perfect for swimming and boogie boarding, strolling mariachi bands provide entertainment, and locals sell freshly caught seafood and refreshing drinks.

Playa Miramar
Manzanillo CO Mexico

Get a glimpse into the lives of Manzanillo residents by visiting the city's central plaza, or Zocalo. Here, you'll find the famous giant blue sailfish sculpture, locals socializing and vendors hawking crafts and jewelry.

The Zocalo
Manzanillo CO Mexico
Phone: 525555551212

A huge sailfish sculpture graces Manzanillo's downtown in honor of the fish's abundance in nearby waters and charter fishing boats are more than willing to take you out to catch your own. The day at sea itself is enough of a relaxing adventure, but if you do land a fish, some charter boats have deals with local restaurants that will cook it for you.

Phone: 523143571044

About a half-hour south of Manzanillo lies Cuyatlan, a small beach town that's home to El Tortugario, the turtle sanctuary. The donation-supported sanctuary sends volunteers to patrol beaches and protect endangered sea turtles and their eggs from poachers. Check out the incubator and nursery, which are filled with eggs and baby turtles in summertime through early fall.

Cuyutlan CO Mexico
Phone: 013133288676

The ocean around Manzanillo is full of clear waters, protected bays and coves, and coral reefs brimming with colorful marine life. Go on a guided scuba or snorkeling adventure to get up close to fish, dolphins, turtles and other wondrous creatures of the sea.

15 Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid
Santiago CO Mexico
Phone: 523143333678

Food & Drink In Manzanillo/Costa Alegre

While Manzanillo is filled with delicious restaurants, La Toscana is the place to go for a special meal. Right on the beach with beautiful views of Manzanillo Bay, La Toscana serves incredibly fresh seafood with a bit of French flair. Reservations are recommended because of its popularity and limited seating, but like everything else in Manzanillo, the atmosphere is casual and comfortable.

3177 Boulevard Costero Miguel de la Madrid, Santiago
Manzanillo CO Mexico
Phone: 523143332515

Expat John Correy's hideaway acts as Manzanillo's unofficial American Embassy. Yankees watch football on ESPN, check their e-mail, or savor a burger and curiously sweet fries (a result of the high starch content in Mexican potatoes), while speaking in their native tongue.

Boulevard Costero Miguel de la Madrid, km 14, Santiago
Manzanillo CO Mexico
Phone: 523143331388

Legazpi is a Manzanillo restaurant serving international cuisine.

Camino Real Las Hadas
Manzanillo CO Mexico
Phone: 523143310101

Restaurant Roca del Mar is a Mexican restaurant located in Manzanillo, Mexico specializing in local seafood.

21 de Mayo 204
Manzanillo CO Mexico
Phone: 523143320302

Benedetti's Pizza offers great burgers and home made sausages in Manzanillo.

Miguel de la Madrid #18
Manzanillo CO Mexico
Phone: 523143332019

This local favorite's name translates to "mustaches." With a beautiful location by the water is a great place to find good food in a festive atmosphere. Stop by this fabulous seafood restaurant and dig into their signature large portions.

Puesta del Sol 3
Manzanillo CO Mexico
Phone: 314-333-1236

This local favorite is considered one of the best Mexican restaurants in Manzanillo. The restaurant serves unique and traditional Mexican foods in a beautiful garden location. This is a must-see destination for fans of Mexican cuisine.

Bulevar Miguel de la Madrid
Manzanillo CO Mexico
Phone: 314-333-3094