Spokane, Washington

This city draws its name from the Native American peoples called Spokane, which means "Children of the Sun' Spokane lies east of the Cascade Mountains, straddles the Spokane River, and boasts up to 260 days of sun per year. Hot sunny summers, cold sunny winters, and a warm small town feel add up to a year round invitation for you.

Powerful Spokane Falls cascades at the central Riverfront Park right in the middle of downtown. Discover 90-acre Manito Park's blooming botanical gardens and spread out a picnic on one of its vast green lawns. Spokane hosted Expo '74, the first World's Fair themed on preservation of the environment. An ice skating rink on the Expo site now welcomes winter skaters. Strap on your snowshoes and take a wintry walk up Mt. Spokane, you can summit the peak in a couple of hours - and see out to Idaho and Montana on a clear day.

Start your morning at Atticus Coffee & Gifts savoring expertly brewed coffee while you browse local art. Frank's Diner serves their award-winning breakfast in an elegant railroad car built in 1906. Nosh crab cakes under historic Davenport Hotel's 5,000-piece stained glass ceiling - and enjoy their warm fireplace and good blueberry tea.