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Alaska Air Cargo

Updated March 2014

737-400 freighter hi-res image
Alaska Airlines Cargo consumer information

Alaska Air Cargo operates the most extensive air cargo operation on the U.S. West Coast of any passenger airline. The combined team of Alaska Air Group Cargo Services covers more than 85 cities from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to Barrow, Alaska, and between Boston and the Hawaii Islands and beyond.

Alaska Air Cargo transports more than 118 million pounds of cargo annually, including seafood, mail and freight. Much of Alaska Airlines' cargo operation supports moving goods between the state of Alaska and the Lower 48 states. Southbound, much of the product is fresh Alaska seafood. The airline transports more than 21 million pounds of fresh Alaska seafood each year from fishing towns throughout Alaska to markets and restaurants across the country. Northbound, Alaska transports a range of products, including U.S. Postal Service mail, essential supplies for remote Alaskan communities and personal packages. Alaska operates both all-cargo and combi (part cargo/part passenger) aircraft on these routes.

As part of its commitment to serving the cargo and passenger needs of the state of Alaska, Alaska Air Cargo invested $100 million to modernize and increase the capacity of its cargo fleet. The airline retrofitted six Boeing 737-400 cargo aircraft to its fleet. These aircraft, one freighter and five combis, replace the carrier's previous 737-200 cargo fleet.