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Which browsers will give me the best experience?

We support recent versions of the browsers listed below. Newer versions are more secure, load faster and display better-looking pages.

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Why isn't my browser listed?

While we do not fully support other browsers, our website is still usable on many of them.

I am using a listed browser and I still can't purchase a ticket.

You may not be able to purchase a ticket for one of the following reasons:

  • You need to enable JavaScript.
  • You are using an older version of the browser that is no longer supported.
  • You are accessing our site from behind a firewall that does not permit secure sessions.
  • Your secure browser does not have TLS (Transport Layer Security) enabled. In Internet Explorer this can be enabled by editing your security options under the browser Tools/Internet Options/Advanced tab.
  • Your browser is not configured to support secure transactions (TLS).

Website support

If you are using a supported browser and still are unable to use our site, please fill out the suggestion section of our website feedback form or contact customer care.

Please include:

  • Browser name
  • Browser version
  • Type of computer
  • Whether you purchased a reservation (did you provide payment information?) or not

Additional site information

Browser information

We support recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

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Displaying fares

We offer multiple shopping views so you can compare flights.

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Reservation changes

An easy and convenient way to change your ticket reservations.

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Forms of payment

A credit or debit card is required at the time of the original booking.

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JavaScript policies

To use, you must enable JavaScript. Instructions to enable JavaScript are listed here.

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Low fare calendar

The easiest and fastest way to find our advertised specials and everyday low fares in one convenient place.

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Certain areas of our website require that cookies be enabled in order to retrieve requested information.

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Site support messages

This page explains the various web status messages that can be generated as you browse the Alaska Airlines website.

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