Low fare calendar

If you have a flexible travel schedule and are looking for the lowest priced flights, our low fare calendar search option is the perfect way to find tickets for your next trip.

To search for the best flight deals, simply select the "Low fare calendar" check box on our booking form. You'll find it located directly beneath the return date/time.

With our low fare calendar search you can:

  • See an entire month of fares for your destination
  • Find the lowest fare available for each day of the month
  • View lowest fares for both outbound and return flights
  • Filter your search to only display First Class fares
  • Review your total fare in an easy-to-use trip summary table
Low fare calendar booking widget

Note: Our low fare calendar is not available when traveling to/from Mexico, or booking flights with one of our partners. In these instances, your flight search results will displayed in our usual schedule format.

In addition to helping you find the lowest fares, alaskaair.com guarantees the lowest price.

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