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Update - October 30, 2012

Receipt Enhancement

More receipt information is now available to view, print or email from Your Confirmed Reservation, located through Manage Reservation. A section for Optional Services and Fees will display if you or any traveler on your itinerary has purchased optional services; inflight services, however, are not yet reflected on Your Confirmed Reservation in this enhancement.

Receipt Enhancement

Update - September 24, 2012

Autocomplete/Shopping Enhancements now gives you the option to shop for flights in the entire metro area of Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Houston, Dallas, and Miami in addition to the metro areas we currently support ... Washington D.C., Chicago, and New York. Simply select "all airports" option from the dropdown menu.

Also, as you are typing in a city name, the most relevant option will be highlighted. If the city you are searching for appears in the highlighted box, you can just hit enter ... no need to finish spelling it out.

Metropolitan Area Shopping

Update - August 2012

Flight Status On the Go

Up-to-the-minute information on your flight, including scheduled departure/arrival times, actual departure/arrival times (when available), and gate information - delivered right to your phone.

Just text a valid flight number to 252752 and we will respond with the current flight status information.

Improved Upgrade Shopping

Your feedback has led to the following improvements:

  • Ability to compare upgradeable fares with non-upgradeable fares when an upgrade type is selected.
  • Introduction of two new symbols to:
    • Indicate when an instant upgrade is not available.
    • Indicate when a flight is not applicable for an upgrade.
  • New location of the upgrade symbol. It will appear next to each flight so you know instantly which flights have an upgrade available.

Don't Forget: You must select an upgrade type in order to see the upgrade symbols and what's available.

Upgrade Form Upgrade Filters
Upgrade Flight Info

Update - June 6, 2012

Route Map

A new interactive Route Map that now includes the functionality to book your flight directly from the map.
View our new interactive map.

Update - May 22, 2012

Partner Airline Information

When your itinerary includes one of our partner airlines, we will show you who operates the flight and, when available, where to check in. In the example below, the Atlanta to Los Angeles flight is operated by Delta Air Lines as flight number 1455, and you check in with Delta Air Lines.


Update - March 21, 2012

Nicknames for Companion Travelers

In My Account, under the Settings & Preferences section, you can add a nickname for your companion travelers. The saved nickname will appear in your traveler options while booking tickets, but will not appear on the ticket or boarding pass.

Seat Assignments

When selecting a seat from the seat map, you will see a seat substitution or seat change failure message in the instance the seat is no longer available (someone else selected it at the same time).

Ticket Exchanges

When exchanging part of a Full Flex ticket (booked in Y class) for a new coach/unrestricted ticket, the "Kept Flight" will remain as a Full Flex fare (Y class). If you shop by any other option (e.g. coach/restricted), the Kept Flight fare will change to the lowest available fare.

Update - January 26, 2012

My Account Sign In/Sign Out

Based on your feedback, we have enhanced the My Account sign in and sign out process. In addition to improving the speed, we have added a new shortcut menu to give you access to your account info from any page, as well as one-click access to sign out of your account.

My Account Sign Out

Update - January 24, 2012

Million Miler Status

When signed into your My Account profile, you can now view your progress toward Million Miler Status (1 million miles flown on Alaska Airlines).

Suffixes Available in Passenger Name Field

Including suffixes allows passengers with the same name to be booked in the same reservation. You can update your Traveler Profiles and the suffix will auto-fill during booking when signed in.

Update - December 7, 2011

View Schedule Changes Online

When your itinerary has gone through a minor schedule change, you will see both the old and new flights.

Updates - October 26, 2011

Changes to Your Shopping Experience

  • American AAdvantage program elites can now receive preferred seating checked baggage waivers.
  • American AAdvantage and Delta Skymiles elite status is recognized on confirmation page and in confirmation email.
  • Mileage Plan numbers can be entered during award shopping. Tracking numbers are no longer used.
  • Credit card numbers may now be entered with dashes or spaces.
  • Itineraries resulting in a combination of First Class and main cabin will display in a more visible manner.

Updates - October 4, 2011

Electronic Guest Upgrade Fix

We fixed an error that was not allowing those using Electronic Guest Upgrades to check in online.

Updates - August 31, 2011

Add to Calendar Fix

We updated our "add to calendar" feature to work with iCal calendars.

Updates - August 17, 2011

Electronic Guest Upgrades

Each year, our Mileage Plan™ MVP® Golds receive 4 one-way upgrades to give to friends or family. Now, instead of paper coupons, these upgrades are electronic.

  • Electronic upgrade codes were deposited on August 17, 2011, into the accounts of all who have already qualified for 2012 MVP® Gold status.
  • MVP® Golds and Gold 75K's will find a section called Guest Upgrades in their my Account Profile.
  • We've made it easy to search for guest upgrades while you shop. Learn more.

Updates - July 27, 2011

Home Page Speed

We've made several changes to the behind the scenes processing to make the home page load faster for you.

Changes to Confirmation Page

We've made a couple changes to the seats section of your confirmed reservation page. First, we've added links for you to request or change seats. We've also updated some back end processing so that your correct seat assignments will show up, even if you've changed them during online check-in. Previously the confirmation didn't update once the check-in window opened.

Certificate Expirations

Now, when you receive a certificate or travel credit, the expiration date is displayed in the confirmation email you receive. Previously, the expiration date only displayed in the Wallet portion of your My Account profile.

Confirmation Page - seats

Updates - July 22, 2011

New Quick Links on the Homepage

In the bottom right section of the homepage, you'll find our new Quick Links. We've made it easier for you to get right to the information you need at by featuring links to some of our most popular and most requested pages.

Quick Links

Updates - July 13, 2011

New My Account Layout

We replaced the tab structure to give your My Account profile a cleaner look. You can now navigate through the different sections of My Account by using the links on the left side of the page.

New Navigation for Mileage Plan™ section

More navigation options for Mileage Plan

We heard from many of you that you were having a hard time finding things in the Mileage Plan™ section at To make it easier for you to find what you're looking for, we've renamed some of the groupings, and added a couple more items to the horizontal and drop-down navigation bars.

Updates - June 29, 2011

Check Flight Status from Flight Schedules

You can now check flight status for the current or next day's flight directly from the flight number link on the Flight Schedule page.

Go to Flight Status directly from Flight Schedules

More Options When Changing a Reservation

When you use the value of your current trip to purchase a new trip, we've added "include nearby airports" to the one-way and round-trip shopping options, and we've also added the option to shop multi-city itineraries.

Shop multi-city and nearby airports

Updates - June 8, 2011

Billing Address/Payment Changes - Canadian Postal Code

The Postal Code box now allows for capitalized and non-capitalized letters when entering a billing address within My Account and on the shopping payment page.

New Document Type - Mexican Passport

When entering passport/ID card information for international travel, Mexican citizens now have the ability to choose "Mexican Passport" from the list of Document types.

Mexican Passport Document Type Redesign - April 27, 2011

The new is more than just a visual face lift for the 21st century internet. The airline that pioneered online booking 15 years ago has introduced more intuitive shopping, an ecommerce shopping cart and more to back up the new look and feel.

Over the past several months, we've been adding new features and enhancements to the way you shop for trips in preparation of this new design. For example, in November, 2010, we introduced you to the new Shopping Experience, which added flexibility to your search and made it easier to filter down to what you want to see while simplifying the display of available fares. Now, we proudly introduce you to the full experience of flexible and intuitive shopping at

New Look and Feel

The motivation behind rebuilding has been all about making it easier for you to do everything you need to do.

"We started by asking customers how we could make online shopping friendlier, simpler and more helpful," said Curtis Kopf, Managing Director of and Customer Innovation. "The most important thing was to provide a simple, flexible shopping experience, whether the customer is researching and booking a flight, a hotel stay, a rental car, or all three."

Improved Navigation

How valuable is a website if you can't find anything? With the new menu navigation, what you're looking for can be found easily under simplified tab sections with more intuitive names.

Additionally, secondary navigation links to the left of many information pages make it easier to find additional information pertinent to what you're reading.

New Navigation

Your Shopping Cart

Now we offer you flexibility with one-stop trip planning. Store a flight you've searched for in your Cart while you shop for hotels and car rentals. Found a hotel you love, but it's in a different city or not available for the days you're traveling? Save the hotel and return to your Cart to change the flights.

Refreshed Jenn

It's amazing how a new look can rejuvenate you. Jenn,'s pioneering online virtual assistant, continues to offer helpful support for what you need to find, pointing you toward the information you need. Now just over three years old, she continues to learn and expand her knowledge based on what you ask her.

Virtual Assistant