Alaska Airlines Foundation

We at Alaska Airlines are committed to philanthropic giving and, with that goal in mind, created the Alaska Airlines Foundation.

A limited number of cash grants ranging on average from $5,000 to $15,000 are given to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations classified as public charities in Alaska, Hawai'i, and Washington. These grants should focus on educational and workforce development efforts that address a unique need or add value to a community.

The Foundation does not make grants to:

  • individuals or private businesses requesting loans or grants
  • organizations or foundations for redistribution of funds to entities of their own selection
  • other private foundations
  • groups that discriminate
  • endowments
  • religious organizations (if for sacramental purposes)
  • pageants
  • capital projects
  • programs with a multi-year commitment or requests for automatic renewal
  • fund general operating expenses
  • publicly or privately funded educational institutions – most schools (public or private) are eligible for funding through Alaska's employee gift matching program
  • organizations whose primary purpose is to influence legislation

How to apply

Online applications must be received by April 15 for mid-year consideration and by September 15 for consideration before the end of the calendar year. Notification of decision will be made 60 days after each closing period.

Online application