Sustainability overview

To the people of Alaska Airlines, the Pacific Northwest is so much more than a destination--it’s where we live, where we grew up, and where we play. Because of this, we are motivated to keep it pristine, and have chosen to take on sustainability enhancements that are important to the environment, our communities, and the advancement of the airline industry.

Our community

At Alaska, we are proud members of all the communities we fly to and from and we love to show that pride by participating various charitable events. We see ourselves as part of these towns and cities and feel that it is our civic duty to get involved when they are in need by donating our time, money, and talents.

Corporate, employee and customer philanthropic efforts

Our charitable efforts represent the passion of our employees and customers, while contributing to the overall well-being of our communities.

At Alaska we are lucky to be able to donate in-kind travel to nonprofit organizations for fundraising efforts or to help reduce staff travel costs. In 2013, we supported more than 1,300 different organizations. Learn more about our corporate giving here.

Educational support

We are focused on ways to meaningfully expose young people to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, (STEM) 14 careers through targeted giving, mentorship, and other programs. By developing our educational giving strategy and increasing our focus on youth and education, we hope to improve educational outcomes by developing resources, mentors, internships, education, and leadership support.

Economic opportunities for the Sea-Tac workforce

At Alaska, we believe in fair pay and benefits for all workers and we respect every worker and the job they do. We strive to work closely with our labor unions and business partners on pay rates and benefits that reflect the market they are in. We also recognize that income inequality is a serious problem across the country. Proposition 1, targeted at the city of Sea-Tac, pushed this issue to the forefront locally.