Sustainability overview

To the people of Alaska Airlines, the Pacific Northwest is so much more than a destination--it’s where we live, where we grew up, and where we play. Because of this, we are motivated to keep it pristine, and have chosen to take on sustainability enhancements that are important to the environment, our communities, and the advancement of the airline industry.

Our environment

We fly people to beautiful places; let's keep those places beautiful.

Environmental sustainability presents many challenges to the airline industry. Transporting millions of passengers every year requires enormous quantities of petroleum-based fuels that are costly and impact the environment. Tons of waste is generated from inflight services, unsustainable materials are often chosen, and large amounts of energy are consumed in ground facilities.

At Alaska Air Group, we care about the environment and are finding innovative ways to reduce the impact of our services, our facilities, and our equipment. In order to take action and lead the aviation industry toward a more sustainable future, our environmental strategy encompasses four main areas.

Our environmental strategy strives to reduce:

  • Emissions from planes and equipment
  • Waste from flights and other facilities
  • Consumption of non-sustainable resources
  • Energy use in our buildings

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Grounds for change

Alaska Airlines serves up 37,000 cups of coffee a day – that’s a lot of coffee grounds. What happens to them when the brewing’s done?

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