Sustainability overview

To the people of Alaska Airlines, the Pacific Northwest is so much more than a destination--it’s where we live, where we grew up, and where we play. Because of this, we are motivated to keep it pristine, and have chosen to take on sustainability enhancements that are important to the environment, our communities, and the advancement of the airline industry.

Our people

People are at the heart of our business.

At Alaska Airlines, we are focused on working together to build a diverse and inclusive company where everyone feels valued, committed, and connected. We are so committed to this principle that we have made it one of our company wide, strategic goals every year. Our ability to create and maintain this environment is consistently being challenged, especially with the stresses within our industry in recent years.

The key to meeting these challenges has been to foster a mutual understanding and respect for each other and the customers we serve. We're doing that by better aligning our company's vision, goals, and policies with our diversity and inclusion efforts. Through a solid infrastructure, leadership, and accountability we've already realized some great progress.

Our priorities and commitments include:

  • Passenger and employee safety
  • Diversity and equal opportunity
  • Employee attraction and engagement
  • Supplier labor practices
  • Corporate giving and community support