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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Airport location

600 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045
(17 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles)

Ticket counter

Terminal 6

Open: Daily: 4:15 am - 11:00 pm

When to arrive at the airport

With bags: 2 hours prior to scheduled departure.
Without bags: 60 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

Note: Passengers traveling to Havana should arrive at the airport 3 hours before their flight to check in at a ticket counter, as self-service, web, and mobile check-in are not available for flights to Cuba.

Please see our check-in and boarding cut-off times for more information.

Gate locations

Terminal 6, Gates 64 - 69

Airport check-in kiosk locations

Self-service kiosks are available in the airport lobby near the ticketing/bag drop-off area.

Self-service bag drop

As part of a pilot project to speed up and simplify the process of checking bags, customers traveling through Terminal 6 at LAX during the next two months will have the option to check in their own bags with using our "scan and fly" self-service bag drop.

  1. Check in via, an airport kiosk, or our mobile app.
  2. Attach a bag tag printed either at home or at an airport kiosk. See more.
  3. Show your ID to the customer service agent and proceed to one of the six self bag drop lanes to drop off your bags. The touchscreen at each lane will walk you through the simple steps of checking your bag in.

Check in options

Online check-in

Skip the check-in line and just head straight for your gate. Online check-in details

Mobile check-in

Check in at or with one of our mobile apps from your phone or tablet between 1 to 24 hours before your flight. Mobile check-in details

Kiosk check-in

Check yourself in using our check-in kiosks, located at all of the airports throughout the Alaska Airlines system.

Ticket counter check-in

If you are traveling with a paper ticket, or just need some extra help with the check-in process on the date of departure our customer service agents are always available to help get you going with an in-person check-in. Please note that checked baggage is only accepted within 4 hours of your scheduled departure.