Fresh has no boundaries

Shipping perishable items

Our perishable shipping experience spans eight decades, particularly serving the seafood capital of North America – the state of Alaska. We are committed to delivering your perishables in pristine condition and on time, every time. Our customer service and knowledge of perishable shipping is something we take seriously. From temperature controlled cool and cold chain capabilities to dedicated training for all agents about perishable shipping, we’ll treat your products with the utmost care. Alaska Air Cargo accepts perishable goods including fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh and frozen seafood, other foodstuffs, hatching eggs, and flowers.

We will advise on packaging and ice requirements to ensure your products are protected and maintain proper freshness, whether boxes for fresh salmon or totes for live crab, for example. Other detailed instructions and guidelines for shipping perishables will be provided at booking.

Without an Alaska Commercial Account, you must prepay for the shipment of perishable goods. The consignee’s telephone number must be included on the air waybill.

Perishable items must be packaged to withstand 48 hours in transit without refrigeration. GEL type ice packs are recommended as wet ice is prohibited. Styrofoam coolers are not allowed as outer packaging.