Shipping wild game

Shipping guidelines for hunters

The following items will be considered for shipping:

  • Moose, caribou, goat, and sheep shall be classified as big game.
  • Products handled by a taxidermist, butcher, or meat processor resulting in a finished or mounted trophy, cut and wrapped meat, or smoked sausage, etc.

Perishable items (raw meat and hides)

We do not accept liability of spoilage, regardless of delay.

If not packaged per the following specifications, the shipment shall not be transported.

  • Shipment(s) must be tendered for transportation a minimum of 3 hours prior to flight departure.
  • Must be encased in a heavy-duty polyethylene bag regardless of outer packaging.
  • Must be in leak proof outer container (no Styrofoam).
  • Must have no noticeable odors.
  • Maximum weight per piece 100 pounds.
  • Labeled appropriately (FROZEN OR COOL).
  • Dry ice (up to 5.5 pounds) or gel ice can be used. No wet ice allowed.
  • Interline shipments accepted subject to meeting connecting carrier's rules and regulations.
  • Cooler or freezer space not guaranteed.
  • Federal Lacey Act requires specific labeling of all interstate shipments.
  • All charges must be prepaid.
  • All surfaces must be clean of blood and dirt.

Acceptance of unprocessed big game

Unprocessed shipments of big game may be accepted only when the following information is provided:
  • Date of transfer
  • Name of person taking game
  • Hunting license number
  • Hunter's address
  • Location where game was taken
  • Specify who is presenting a shipment when tendered by someone other than the hunter (e.g., guide service, air taxi company).

Export of unprocessed big game trophies out of Alaska Controls Title 5, Alaska Administrative Code and Title 16 of Alaska Statutes

For shipping between states:

Raw, unprocessed, or non-mounted big game or trophies exported from the State of Alaska to any points in the U.S. must be clearly marked on the outside packaging indicating:

  • Name and address of the shipper and consignee
  • List of package contents by species
  • Number of species
  • Shipping tags are available from all Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Wildlife Protection offices.
For shipping outside the US:
  • Refer to procedures for shipping between states in this section.
  • A Declaration of Importation or Exportation of Fish and Wildlife (US Form 3-177) must be completed.
  • A federal Cites Export Permit is required for certain species and parts.
  • A shipper should contact applicable government offices for details and pertinent forms.

Fur animal pelts shipped outside of Alaska

  • A State of Alaska Fur Export Permit must be attached to the outside of a shipment.
  • A Federal Export Permit is required when shipping lynx and river otter outside the U.S.

Processed Big Game Meat, Trophies, or Hides Interface Lacey Act, Section 9.201

  • Information under Acceptance of Unprocessed Big Game in this section is not required when accepting big game meat, trophies or hides processed by a taxidermist, butcher, or meat processor into a finished product.
  • Any package of wildlife being shipped interstate must have a Fish / Wildlife sticker filled out and attached to the outside.

Shipping guidelines for antlers

Antler Express is a cargo service for the transport of antlers within the state of Alaska and export to the lower 48 states.


  • Must be encased in a heavy duty polyethylene bag regardless of outer packaging
  • Packaging in a polyethylene bag inside a corrugated box required for specific applicable rates
  • All airport to door shipments must be boxed
  • Antler tips must be padded to prevent punctures
  • Antlers with raw meat, blood or noticeable odors will not be accepted
  • No perishables can be included with the antlers
  • Maximum weight per piece is 100 pounds
  • Interline shipments acceptable if cargo meets connecting carrier's rules and regulations
  • All charges must be pre-paid

Service levels

  • Airport to airport
  • Airport to door
  • Normal delivery time is 7 to 10 working days
  • Delivery service will be provided by FedEx
  • Shipments to residential addresses will be subject to an extra fee
  • Maximum allowable dimensions are 38 inches deep by 34 inches wide and 70 inches length / height.


  • Delivery charges are $1.50 per pound in addition to normal transportation charges on Alaska Airline to Anchorage (ANC)
  • Delivery charges are subject to a $15 minimum
  • Delivery charges are not subject to taxation, fuel, or security surcharges

Note: Antlers may be accepted as baggage if they meet the requirements for checked baggage. Please check the know before you go resource center.