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The relationship between Alaska the airline, and Alaska the state is a unique one. It goes far deeper than just a relationship between an airline and the customer who flies with us.

Alaska is where we got our start, and our roots lie with its people. As we have served the Alaskan community for more than 80 years, we want to honor the unique bond that is cherished by our Alaska-based employees, many of whom are actively involved with various events and organization and in other ways that give back to the community in which they live and work.

Community Calendar

Events Calendar

Check out our Community Calendar and see what's going on all over Alaska, all year long. There are all sorts of events celebrating Alaska's unique heritage and culture. From sledding to basketball and ice carvings to ice worms ... you'll find an event to pique your interest.

2014 Arctic Winter Games
March 15-22, 2014

2014 Arctic Winter Games

The Arctic Winter Games is the world's largest northern multi-sport and cultural event. The Arctic Winter Games are a celebration of athletic completion, culture, friendship, and cooperation between northern contingents.

Athletic competition features sports that enjoy worldwide popularity alongside traditional Arctic Sports and Dene Games. A significant cultural component featuring visual arts, dance, ceremonies and galas with participants from across the circumpolar region is a pillar of the Games.

For more information about the Arctic Winter Games, please visit

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