EasyBiz® Q & A


EasyBiz® Administrative Questions

When EasyBiz Users view a Ticket Report do they see a record of all the purchases made through the site?

No. When an EasyBiz User accesses a Ticket Report they can only view purchases they have made through EasyBiz. However, an EasyBiz User can view purchases other than their own if they are given permission by an Administrator or Alternate Administrator. Without special permission, only the Administrator and the Alternate Administrator are able to access a report that contains information on all purchases that occur at the EasyBiz site.

Sometimes I don't need to work with all the information in the Ticket Report, how can I best manage this information?

Select the option to download the report as an Excel report instead of viewing it online. It is much easier to sort and manipulate the information that you do need.

What is the difference between an Administrator, Alternate and EasyBiz User?

Abilities Administrator Alternate EasyBiz User
Invite an Alternate Administrator Yes No No
Access Ticket Report information Yes Yes Yes*Permission Required
Customize site features Yes Yes No
Access Company Mileage Plan Yes Yes No
Invite or Delete Users Yes Yes No
Arrange travel for themselves or others Yes Yes Yes
Assign Credit Cards to EasyBiz Users Yes Yes No
Access Company EasyBiz Wallet Yes Yes No

*Permission Required

How do I add additional users to the EasyBiz site?
This is part of EasyBiz Administration. Use the Manage Users feature. An email invitation will be sent to the new user inviting them to create a MyAccount. Once they have done so, you will be notified via email that their access to EasyBiz needs to be approved.

I have invited new users. Some show as Invited, some as Pending, and some as Active. What is the difference?
Invited Users were sent an email invitation but have not yet acted on their invitation. Pending Users in the Users to be Approved section are users that acted on their invitation by creating their MyAccount. Their access to EasyBiz needs to be approved by the Administrator or the Alternate Administrator. Once their access to EasyBiz is approved, their status becomes Active.

Our company has multiple credit cards used for airline purchases. How can I manage multiple cards for multiple EasyBiz Users?
The Manage Users section of EasyBiz allows the Administrator and Alternate Administrator to assign each of their active EasyBiz Users access to specific credit cards. You may also set card access at the time that you approve a new EasyBiz User.

This means that during the purchase process only the card(s) assigned to that EasyBiz User are offered as a payment option, regardless of how many credit cards the Administrators have stored in EasyBiz for their companies ticket purchases.

I have deleted a user, but I still see that person's credit card information in the Credit Card & Billing Address section. Why is that?
In EasyBiz the credit card information is not part of the User's profile, but is stored separately as part of the company's site information. You may delete a stored card by using the delete feature in the Credit Card & Billing Address section located under EasyBiz Management.