EasyBiz® Q & A

EasyBiz® Mileage Plan™ questions

If our company earns Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles for EasyBiz purchases, do our company's travelers still earn flight mileage, too?

Yes, your travelers continue to earn miles and receive all Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan benefits within their own individual accounts. Additionally, your EasyBiz company earns one mile for every dollar spent on the base fare of tickets purchased using the EasyBiz portal. The company's Mileage Plan account is not connected in any way to the travelers' accounts.

When individual travelers are making a reservation, are they supposed to enter their personal Mileage Plan number, or the one assigned to the company for EasyBiz?

When making a reservation using the EasyBiz portal, the individual traveler should enter their own Mileage Plan number when asked for the Mileage Program/Number next to their name. This ensures that they will earn miles within their own Mileage Plan account.

How do mileage credits for EasyBiz purchases get credited to the company Mileage Plan account if individual travelers don't have to enter the company number anywhere?

As long as individual travelers sign in and make their travel purchases within the EasyBiz site, we post the mileage activity for those EasyBiz purchases to their company's account automatically. Purchases made while individual travelers are signed in to EasyBiz are recorded in both the company's Ticket Report and Mileage Plan.

How will we know when we have enough miles in the company Mileage Plan account for free travel?

Your administrator and alternate administrator have access to the company Mileage Plan section of the EasyBiz site. They may use the Check EasyBiz Mileage feature to view the account balance.