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My Account Help

EasyBiz incorporates the use of My Account profiles. This enables EasyBiz Users to access stored information that is frequently used when making reservations. EasyBiz Users access information from their My Account profile, such as phone number and e-mail address. Company credit card information is accessed from the Company's Credit Card and Billing section of the EasyBiz site. In the future, My Account will be expanded to include EasyBiz Travelers.

What are the benefits of My Account for EasyBiz® Customers?

  • Accessibility: My Account profiles are valid for use with both EasyBiz, and the Alaska Airlines Air Web sites. This means only one account to update and one User ID and Password to remember. Further, My Account profiles may be accessed from any computer by signing in.
  • Security: My Account profile information is stored on our secure web servers. Any information you provide us is protected by the Privacy Notice.
  • Mileage Redemption: My Account Mileage Plan members can book award travel and redeem miles online for travel on Alaska Airlines, and select Mileage Plan partners. This feature is available for individual Mileage Plan membership accounts only at the Alaska Airlines Web site. Award redemption from the EasyBiz Company Mileage Plan account is available only to the EasyBiz Administrator, and their Alternate Administrator. These two authorized parties may redeem awards from the Company Mileage Plan account either online at EasyBiz, or by calling the Mileage Plan Service Center.
  • E-Statements: Receive Mileage Plan E-Statements and account communications via e-mail. This feature is available for individual Mileage Plan membership accounts.

How can I use My Account in EasyBiz®?

  1. When visiting EasyBiz, or the Alaska Airlines Web site, sign in to be able to access your account information.
  2. After you sign in, certain forms will be pre-filled with your My Account profile information allowing you to save time.
  3. You may update your account information quickly and securely at any time.
  4. My Account Mileage Plan members will be able to take advantage of exclusive My Account features, such as online Award Reservations, Mileage Plan E-Statements, and discount offers. These features are available for individual Mileage Plan membership accounts only at the Alaska Airlines Air Web site.

Am I required to sign in to shop or purchase?

Your My Account User ID and password are needed to sign in to the EasyBiz site and are required. You must be signed in to EasyBiz for any purchases to be recorded to your company's Ticket Report, or for your company to earn their Mileage Plan miles for EasyBiz purchases. You may shop and purchase at the Alaska Airlines Air Web site without signing into My Account. There you'll be given the option to sign in after choosing your itinerary to take advantage of My Account features.