Certificates are used as a form of payment towards applicable new airfare purchases on alaskaair.com and EasyBiz®. Certificates may be applied to flights operated by Alaska Airlines, Penair between Anchorage and Dutch Harbor, and SkyWest Flight Series 3300-3499.

Certificates may only be redeemed for new airfare purchases and cannot be applied toward fees, service charges, additional fare on partially used tickets, or used to purchase hotels, cars, Fly & Buy Miles™, or trip protection.

Alaska Airlines issues three types of certificates: gift certificates, credit certificates, and Bonus Travel Certificates.

Gift certificates

Gift certificates are issued on alaskaair.com by a purchaser and sent to a recipient via email or printed as a paper certificate. Gift certificates have no expiration date and are redeemable 24 hours after purchase. View Terms & Conditions

Credit certificates

Credit certificates may be issued when you exchange or cancel a nonrefundable Alaska Airlines ticket. Your credit certificate will remain valid for 12 months from the issuance date of your original ticket, or 30 days from the date of exchange/cancellation, whichever is greater.
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Bonus travel certificates

Bonus Travel Certificates are issued to volunteers who give up their seats when a flight is overbooked and more passengers show up than a flight can accommodate. Bonus Travel Certificates are valid for one year from their issue date. View Terms & Conditions

Storing certificates

Certificates can be stored in unlimited quantities within the My Wallet section of your My account profile.

Redeeming certificates

There are two ways to redeem your certificates at alaskaair.com or EasyBiz®.

My wallet

An unlimited number of certificates can be applied toward a new applicable airfare purchase when funds are applied from a My wallet account. View Terms & Conditions

My Wallet Payment Example

Certificates outside my wallet

Up to four certificates can be applied toward a new applicable airfare purchase. Enter the certificate codes and PINs on the payment page during your checkout process.

My Wallet Certificate Example