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Certificates and Discount Codes
Discount Codes

Discount Codes

Discount Codes are used to reduce the fare of applicable new airfare purchases via and EasyBiz®. Discount Codes may be included in your Insider Newsletter, Mileage Plan™ correspondence, direct mail, local newspaper advertisements, or other promotional material.

Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Card holders receive an annual coach Companion Fare Discount Code. View Companion Fare Discount Code Q & A

General Rules

  • Only one Discount Code may be applied per reservation.
  • Discount Codes may be used in conjunction with gift cards, certificates or My Wallet redemptions.
  • Discount Codes can only be redeemed for airfare purchases at and EasyBiz® for electronic tickets with a maximum of eight segments.
  • Discount Codes cannot be used when shopping for Award Reservations.
  • Discount Codes are not the same as Alaska Airlines Vacations promo codes. Alaska Airlines Vacations promo codes cannot be used as Discount Codes, and vice versa.
  • Discount Code reductions may not apply to all flights; itineraries consist of point-to-point and through fares which are used to construct total price.
  • Discount Codes apply to original purchases only, and cannot be applied towards ticket exchanges.

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Redeeming a Discount Code

To redeem a Discount Code, enter the code in the box labeled "Discount Code" on the same page you select your travel cities and dates. When signed into your My Account profile, you can select a saved Discount Code to start your shopping.

Redeem Discount Code Example

Storing Discount Codes

Discount Codes can be stored in your My Account profile. The Bank of America Visa Signature® Companion Fare Discount Code is automatically added to the account holder's My Account each year.

My Account Discount Code Example