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Gift certificates

Gift certificate FAQ

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Gift certificate FAQ

When can I use my gift certificate?

Gift certificates are activated and available for use 24 hours after purchase.

Do gift certificates expire?

No. Gift certificates do not expire, and partially used certificates will maintain their balance until the entire amount is used.

Is a gift certificate the same as a discount code?

No. A discount code has no cash value and is used to reduce airfares for special offers and promotions. A gift certificate has a stored value and is treated as cash.

Do you have gift cards?

We no longer issue gift cards.

How will the recipient receive the gift certificate?

When purchasing gift certificates, you have the option to either print or email the certificate to your recipient. If you choose the email option you must provide a valid email address for the recipient, or email the certificates to yourself. You can also print the certificate to mail or hand deliver.

How do I check my gift certificate balance?

Use your gift certificate code and PIN to check your balance on the gift certificate balance page.

Can I use gift certificates to make purchases at your call center, ticket counter, or at a travel agency?

No. Gift certificates can only be redeemed at

Does the named recipient have to be the person using the gift certificate?

No. Gift certificates are fully transferable, but may not be bartered or sold.

I'm having a problem with my gift certificate. Who do I contact?

Contact our customer care department, toll free, at 1-800-654-5669 between 8:00 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. (PT), Monday-Friday .

What should I do if I lose my gift certificate code?

Alaska Airlines is not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates. Contact the person who gave you the certificate, who should retain a copy of the code in for their own records. The risk of loss and title for gift certificates passes to the purchaser or recipient upon our electronic transmission of the certificate.

If a ticket cost $150 USD and I have a $50 gift certificate, can I use a credit card to pay the balance?

Yes. When the value of a gift certificate does not cover the full value of the new ticket you wish to purchase, you may pay the difference with a credit card.

What if the value of my gift certificate is more than the price of my ticket?

If the ticket price is less than the value of the gift certificate, the remaining balance of the gift certificate will be available for future purchases.

Will my recipient receive any "spam" emails from Alaska Airlines?

No. Any personal information provided during the gift certificate purchase process will only be used to complete the transaction. Please refer to our online privacy notice for a full explanation.

Can I transfer the balance of a gift certificate to another gift certificate?

No. Gift certificates cannot be combined. You may use up to four gift certificates when purchasing a new flight reservation on If you have a My account profile on, you may also deposit an unlimited number of gift certificates into your My wallet.

Do I have to type in the dashes when I enter my gift certificate code?

No. It is not necessary to enter the dashes when redeeming your gift certificate.

Is there a limit to how many gift certificates I can buy?

You can buy up to five gift certificates per order or the equivalent of $1000 USD per day.

Can I use multiple gift certificates at one time?

Yes. You can redeem up to four gift certificates per reservation. Any unused funds will remain on the gift certificate be available for use during a later purchase. If you have a My account profile on, you may also deposit an unlimited number of gift certificates into My wallet.

May I reload my gift certificate?

No. Our gift certificates cannot be reloaded.

Can I use gift certificates on other airlines?

Alaska Airlines gift certificates must be redeemed online at toward the purchase of eligible travel on flights operated by Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, Penair between Anchorage and Dutch Harbor, and SkyWest Flight Series 3440-3499.

Can you earn miles on tickets purchased with gift certificates?

Yes. Tickets purchased with gift certificates will earn miles.

If a gift certificate balance remains unused, is the money lost?

No. Gift certificates have no expiration date. Partially used gift certificates will maintain their balance until the entire amount is used. If you have a My account profile on, you can combine and track your unused balances by depositing gift certificates into My wallet.