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Check in will be available 24 hours prior to your flight's scheduled departure time. You can check in from the Check-in button on your reservation, or from the Check-in option on the menu.

Android main menu check-in
Android main menu check-in

Android flight card check-in
Android flight card check-in

iOS main menu check-in
iOS main menu check-in

iOS flight card check-in
iOS flight card check-in

Step 1.
Tap the 'info' icon located in the bottom right corner of the pass

Delete from Apple Wallet Step 1

Step 2.
Tap the 'Delete' button in the top left corner of the pass

Delete from Apple Wallet step 2

Step 3.
Tap 'Delete' in the lower part of the screen.

Delete from Apple Wallet step 3
  • iPhone — iOS 8x or later (currently we don't offer an iPad app)
  • Android — 2.3.3 or later (currently not supported for Android tablets)
  • Windows Phone — Version 8 or later

There are two ways to add reservations:

  1. Manually add your reservation with your last name and either your confirmation code or e-ticket number.
  2. If you add your reservations to My trips in My account on alaskaair.com, those reservations will sync with your app when you sign in.

No, at this time you cannot change or cancel flights in the app.

iPhone: Tap the 'Trips' button in the lower left corner of the App to view your trips. in the list view, you can swipe left on a reservation to reveal options to 'Share', 'Edit' or 'Remove' that reservation. ('Remove' is only available for trips not synced from My trips.)

Android: You can view a list of all trips currently synced to the App on the "My trips" screen. "My trips" displays by default when the App is opened. You can scroll up and down on the page to see the entire list of trips. Tap on a trip to view trip details. Additional options for sharing, renaming, or removing a trip from the app can be viewed by tapping the three dots (overflow icon) in the top right of the trip tile.

Windows Phone: You can view all of the trips added to your app in the My trips section on the main panorama – swipe left or right from the menu screen to access the My trips section once you have at least one trip stored in the App.

iPhone or Android: Swipe left and right to switch between flights in a reservation, then tap the flight details link for the flight you want to see.

Windows Phone: Tap on a trip in the My trips section to open details about the flight(s) in the itinerary. Swipe left or right to view each flight.

If the gate information is available, it will start showing 3-4 hours from departure time.

You can now pay fees for baggage, upgrades to First Class, and same-day flight changes (on the day of flight) on your app. Select the option you want during the check-in process and you will be able to pay with credit or debit card. Once at the airport, see a customer service agent to drop off your bags. (At this time, only baggage fee payment is available on the Windows Phone app.)

The Check-in button will enable 24 hours prior to departure.

Currently, most TSA airport checkpoints are set up to accept the mobile boarding pass on the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone app excluding the following: departing out of Costa Rica and Mexico (Cancun OK) Adak, Calgary, Dillingham and Edmonton. If your travel originates in these cities, a paper boarding pass will be required.

Please note: if you have a connection and you leave the secure side of the airport, you will need to obtain a paper boarding pass to re-enter the secure area.

Once you have checked in, either via the app, online, or at a kiosk, just select the 'Boarding Pass' button. As long as you have viewed your mobile boarding pass at least once from your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone app, you will be able to access it again whether you are online or offline. For iPhone users, you can add the boarding pass to Apple Wallet for easy access.

At the TSA checkpoint: Just like using a paper boarding pass, have the barcode image ready on your device at the security checkpoint. Please ensure the entire barcode is visible on the screen and make certain the backlight is on when the barcode is being scanned. You should also have a valid government issued photo ID available for inspection at the security checkpoint. Show or scan the barcode at your security checkpoint as you would a paper boarding pass. If the scanner cannot read your barcode, a paper boarding pass will be required.

At the departure gate: Have your boarding pass displayed again on your mobile phone once your boarding row is called. You will need to show the mobile boarding pass to the gate agent for it to be scanned, as you would a paper boarding pass. If the scanner cannot read your barcode at the gate, a paper boarding pass will be required.

  • Tap the account button and enter your Alaska Mileage Plan or User ID and password
  • Once you sign in, your my trips will automatically download onto your app
  • Only one user can be signed in to the app, if you want to sign in as someone else, you'll have to reinstall the app.
  • Don't have an account? Tap the Join now link.
  • If you can't remember your password, tap the 'Forgot Password' link to reset your password

Currently the apps don’t support updating your My Account stored information. Please visit the full site to make changes.

iPhone: email us at iphoneapp@alaskaair.com

Android: email us at androidapp@alaskaair.com

You can also send us questions by using the Contact us section in each app.

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