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Mileage Plan™ Q & A

Double Miles Q & A

Where can I find all of the current Double Miles promotions?
Visit for a list of all available Double Miles promotions.

Why do I have to register for the promotion?
When we award miles, it represents a promise we make to provide the opportunity to redeem those miles for award travel. By requiring registration, we're able to award a larger number of miles on a more frequent basis because we're only awarding extra miles to those who engage with the promotion.

Do I have to re-register before each flight?
You do have to register for each Double Miles promotion separately, but once you have registered for a specific promotion, you do not have to re-register before each flight. All qualifying flights taken during the promotional period will earn Double Miles.

I'm not sure if I registered for a specific promotion. What should I do?
If you're not sure, it doesn't hurt to just register again. Or you can contact Customer Care, and one of our agents can gladly let you know.

I’ve already flown but didn't register. Can I still get Double Miles?
Unfortunately, Double Miles can only be awarded to customers who have registered for the promotion prior to their flight. If you believe there was an error in the registration process, our Customer Care team would be happy to assist you.

How are Double Miles calculated?
Double Miles are based solely on the flight miles. Alaska Airlines flights that are less than 500 miles in length will receive double the minimum 500 mile accrual.

How long will it take for the miles to post to my account?
Once you’ve flown a qualifying flight, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the Double Miles to post to your account.

Do Double Miles count toward Elite Status?
In most cases, Double Miles do not count toward Elite Status, unless the promotion specifically indicates that they do. From time to time we offer Double Elite-Qualifying Miles, which count fully toward our MVP tiers.

How do Elite Bonus miles work with the Double Miles promotion?
Elite Bonus Miles will be earned in addition to Double Miles, but will not be doubled.

How does the Class of Service Bonus work with the Double Miles promotion?
Class of Service Bonuses will be earned in addition to Double Miles, but will not be doubled.