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Mileage Plan™ Q & A

Elite Status Q & A

When does my Elite Status take effect, and when does it expire?
Elite Status qualification is earned for the next full calendar year after the status is reached. However, as a courtesy, your benefits will take effect within 1 - 2 weeks after the flight that earned you status. For example, if reach your 2014 MVP® MVP® Gold, or Gold 75K qualification in September of 2013, your status will take effect approximately 2 weeks later, and be valid through December 31, 2014.

If my ticket has an American Airlines flight number, but is on an Alaska Airlines plane, does it count as an Alaska flight, or an American flight?
Flights operated by Alaska Airlines will count as an Alaska flight even if it has another airline's flight number attached. There are two exceptions to this rule. Alaska flights marketed by Korean Air or Qantas will not count towards elite qualification.

Are my Elite Bonus Miles based on actual flown miles, or do they apply to other bonuses as well?
Your elite Bonus Miles are based on actual flight miles. For example, as an MVP® Gold you receive a 100% Bonus on miles flown. If your flight was 500 miles, and there was a Double Miles promotion, you would get 500 Miles for the Flight, 500 for the Double Miles promotion, and 500 for the 100% MVP® Gold Bonus

As an MVP® Gold, my change fees are waived. What about for my family?
While anyone traveling with you in the same reservation will have their luggage fees waived, the change fee will apply to all passengers other than the MVP® Gold. The exception to this is if they are booked on an award ticket using your miles. In that case, change fees are waived.