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Mileage Plan™ Q & A

Upgrades Q & A

How do Complimentary Upgrades work?
A full description of Complimentary Upgrades is available on our Elite Levels and Benefits page.

I want to upgrade with miles. How does that work?
In order to upgrade with miles, your ticket has to be booked in a certain fare category. When shopping at, select Mileage Upgrades from the Upgrade Preference box, and you'll only be shown fares that qualify for an upgrade. Flights with available upgrade seats are designated with a "U" next to the fare. If you are booking through a reservation call center or a travel agent, you'll need to ask for fares in "Y, S, B, M, or H classes of service". For more information and pricing, please view our Mileage Upgrade information.

Can I pay for an upgrade?
If First Class seats are open within 24 hours of departure, passengers will be offered the opportunity to request a Paid Upgrade at the time of check-in. This is available through Web, Kiosk, or counter check-in. For more information and pricing, please view our Paid Upgrade information.