Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

Enjoy your elite travel benefits while flying on Delta Air Lines.

Membership has its perks.

Mileage Plan™ elite members enjoy priority boarding, preferred seating and complimentary upgrades within the United States, Canada, Mexico and select Caribbean destinations. Learn more

Earning on Delta Air Lines

Earned flight miles and premium cabin bonuses on Delta Air Lines count toward Mileage Plan elite status.

Cabin Classes of service Mileage earned Bonus Miles
Basic Economy (Main Cabin) E 25% -
Basic Economy (Main Cabin) L, U, T, X, V 50% -
Basic Economy (Main Cabin) H, Q, K 75% -
Basic Economy (Main Cabin) B, M, S 100% -
Basic Economy (Main Cabin) Y 100% 25%
Comfort Plus W Earning is based on original booking class -
Business Elite Z 100% 25%
Business Elite D, I 100% 50%
Business Elite J, C 100% 75%
First Class G 100% 25%
First Class A 100% 75%
First Class F, P 100% 100%

Adding a Mileage Plan number to an existing reservation

Visit  or call Delta at 1-800-221-1212.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Delta operates flights throughout the US and beyond.

Award travel on Delta

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