Complimentary upgrades

Being upgraded to a better seat is one popular perk of Mileage Plan™ elite status. We are committed to offering one of the most generous upgrade policies in the industry, and ensuring that we continue recognizing our top members with the benefits you value most.

Premium Class upgrades

Premium Class seats feature 4 inches of additional legroom, early boarding and complimentary drinks. We offer unlimited complimentary upgrades to Premium Class as a benefit of Mileage Plan™ elite status.

Accepting a Premium Class upgrade will not affect your placement on the waitlist for First Class upgrades.

How do Premium Class upgrades work?

Fares that qualify for immediate upgrade

Certain fares are eligible for an immediate upgrade into Premium Class, provided space is available. To ensure you are purchasing a fare that qualifies for an immediate upgrade, and to view available upgrade space, use the "Upgrade fare type" filter on the advanced search booking form when shopping for flights.

Elite level Eligible fare class
MVP® members Y, Z*, S, or B fares
MVP® Gold members Y, Z*, S, B, M, H, Q, L, V N, or K fares
MVP® Gold 75K members All fares

* Z = refundable Main Cabin awards.

If there are no Premium Class seats available for your flight, you will be immediately placed on the upgrade waitlist.

Upgrade window for discounted fares and nonrefundable awards

If you have purchased one of our discounted fares that does not qualify for immediate upgrade, you will be placed on the upgrade waitlist at the upgrade window for your status level.

Elite level MVP members MVP Gold members Gold 75K members
Upgrade windows 48 hours prior to departure 72 hours prior to departure all fares qualify for immediate upgrade

Once you have reached the designated upgrade window, upgrades will be processed first by fare class, then by time of booking. If an upgrade is available on your flight, you will be upgraded immediately. If there are no upgrades available for your flight, you will remain on the waitlist until one is available.

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