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Mileage Plan™ Partners

Air France

Air France Travel to destinations around the world in all the continents on Air France while earning Mileage Plan Miles. Air France operates flights with La Premiere (First), Affaires (Business), Premium Voyager (Premium Economy), and Voyager (Economy) classes of service. Learn more about Air France and book your next flight at

Elite Benefits: Our Mileage Plan™ MVP® members earn 50% Elite Bonus, MVP® Gold members earn 100% Elite Bonus, and Gold 75K level members earn 125% Elite Bonus on miles earned. Elite Bonus Miles do not count toward elite qualification.

Earning on Air France

Elite Qualifying Flight Miles: Earned flight miles and premium cabin bonuses on Air France count towards Elite Status.

Voyager (Economy): Earn 25% of actual flight miles* flown in T, E, N, V, R, or G classes of service. Earn 50% of actual flight miles* in H, L, or Q classes of service. Earn 75% of actual flight miles* in U or K. Earn actual flight miles* in Y, B, or M classes of service.

Premium Voyager (Premium Economy): Earn actual flight miles* flown in A class of service. Earn actual flight miles* flown in W or S classes of service, plus 25% Bonus Miles.

Affaires (Business): Earn actual flight miles* flown in J, C, D, I, or Z classes of service, plus 25% Bonus Miles.

La Premiere (First): Earn actual flight miles* flown in P or F classes of service, plus 50% Bonus Miles.

*Actual miles flown = 1 mile per flight mile flown. Miles may not be earned for tickets flown in O or X classes of service. Some deeply discounted, and industry fares are ineligible to earn miles.

To qualify for mileage accrual, flights must fall within the eligible flight number range below and be marketed and operated by Air France. Flights operated by Air France's franchise airlines Britair, Cityjet, CCM, Middle Eastern Airlines are in-eligible for mileage accrual, even if they may fall within the eligible flight number range.

Air France
Eligible Flight Numbers

3 - 389
400 - 599
630 - 729
750 - 809
830 - 949
970 - 2599
3000 - 3019
3040 - 3099
3450 - 3599
3820 - 3889
3950 - 3999
5000 - 5619
5650 - 6069
6100 - 6179
6200 - 6289
7300 - 7899
8206 - 8449

To ensure flight credit, the two letter airline code (AF) must precede the flight number (for example, AF XXXX) on your ticket receipt or boarding pass.

Add A Mileage Plan Number to an Existing Reservation: If you are traveling on Air France and would like to enter your Mileage Plan™ number in your reservation, go to, click on "Manage my Booking". You may enter your Air France reservation number on this site and add your Mileage Plan number in the reservation. You can also call 1-800-237-2747 from the US or 1-800-667-2747 from Canada. From anywhere else, call +33 1 4864 3930.

Request Mileage Credit: Allow 4 to 6 weeks for miles to post. Missing miles must be requested within 9 months of original flight date. To request mileage credit for flights already taken, email us a copy of your ticket receipt and at least one boarding pass to

Award Travel on Air France

Book Your Award Travel: Shop for your Air France Award reservation.

Award Chart: View our Air France award levels for the following areas