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Web Check-In

Check In Online for Your Alaska Airlines Flights

Travelocity LogoAlaska Airlines Web Check-In makes it easy to check in online, print boarding passes, and head straight to the gate —saving you precious time.

Check In the Night Before: Got an early flight? Weary of the airport hassle? Then check-in the night before and sleep like a baby.

Get Round Trip Boarding Passes: If you plan to return on the same day you depart,
you can get round trip boarding passes by checking in for both flights the night before.

First time using Alaska Airlines Web Check-In? Then go to our Web Check-In information page.


  • You can use Web Check-In one to 24 hours prior to scheduled departure.
  • You will need a printer to print boarding passes.
  • At the airport, you may check bags at a ticket counter Check-In Kiosk or curbside.

Is your scheduled departure within one to 24 hours from now?
If so, then click to the next page and enter your electronic ticket number. If not, keep this link handy for future use. CHECK-IN