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Hassle-Free Boarding, Better Technology, and Comfortable New Amenities

Tailored for you—the Pacific Northwest Traveler

Construction is underway for the next few years to upgrade your Sea-Tac Airport experience. Alaska Airlines is working with the Port of Seattle to design new boarding walkways at the C concourse, renovate the north satellite, and create efficiency in the main terminal area. All to create more comfortable, warm, and intuitive spaces for you.

We are very excited to be closely involved in the Port of Seattle's efforts to upgrade the north end of Sea-Tac Airport. To learn more about the NorthSTAR program, please visit the Port of Seattle's website.

New Boarding Walkways on C Concourse--Building Begins in 2014

Gently sloping walkways and new elevators will replace the stairs on the C Concourse—at C2, C10, and C16. That means no more carrying bags up and down the stairs when you board your plane or arrive at the terminal. And much better access for travelers with wheelchairs and strollers. You'll also have new covered ground walkways outside between the terminal and your aircraft, to keep you dry.

We get it that maneuvering around cones and construction tunnels may feel like a lot to navigate for a while. Rest assured that easy to follow pathways will be in place until all of this revitalization is done by Q2 2015. Knowledgeable Alaska employees and clear signage will help you find your departure gate without delay. We'll keep you up to date on current happenings, and the vision of where we're going.

SeaTac Construction Concept

Construction to Improve Your Experience at the North Satellite Starts in 2016

  • Rooftop Alaska Airlines Board Room that looks out over the Puget Sound
  • More restaurants and shops for the Pacific Northwest Traveler
  • Increased reliability and speed of baggage transfers
  • Natural lighting in boarding areas
  • Intuitively arranged passenger waiting areas
  • Robust free Wi-Fi service
  • More electrical plugs at the gates
  • More boarding gates
  • Additional rest rooms