Special baggage

Some of the items you bring with you may require special attention or carry extra regulations.

Traveling with sports equipment

We're happy to assist you when traveling with your sports equipment. We accept sports equipment items as checked baggage, provided each piece is properly packed in a soft- or hard-sided case designed specifically for the equipment. If your travel includes multiple airlines, different restrictions may apply.

Individual sports equipment pieces

Each checked piece listed below is subject to our standard checked baggage fees, overweight fee, and oversize fee. Refer to our Checked baggage policy for checked piece, overweight, and oversize charges.

  • Archery
  • Bicycles
  • Boogie boards
  • Bowling
  • Kayaks
    • Kayaks accepted only on Alaska Airlines flights 001-999
    • Glass kayaks are not accepted
  • Skateboards

Oversize sports equipment exceptions

Although the items below may exceed our normal size allowance, we're glad to waive the oversize baggage fee. Standard checked baggage fees and overweight fees apply for each piece checked. Refer to our Checked baggage policy for checked piece and overweight charges.

  • Golf

Multiple piece exceptions

For these sports-equipment types, you may check the following multiple pieces as one checked piece. Unless otherwise noted, all standard, overweight, and oversize fees apply. Refer to our Checked baggage page for more information about these fees. Refer to our Checked baggage policy for checked piece, overweight, and oversize charges.

  • Skis/snowboards
    1 piece of ski/snowboard equipment is defined as 1 pair of skis with poles or 1 snowboard, plus 1 boot/helmet bag. If boots/helmet are checked in a bag that also contains clothing or additional items, standard checked baggage fees will apply to the bag. Ski/snowboard equipment may exceed 62" (linear), without incurring an oversize fee.
  • Fishing
    One piece of fishing equipment is defined as two rods, two reels, and one tackle box. Fishing equipment may exceed 62" (linear) but no more than 115" (linear), without incurring an oversize fee.
  • Hockey/lacrosse
    One piece of hockey/lacrosse equipment consists of hockey/lacrosse sticks (multiple sticks must be taped/attached together) and one bag/box of miscellaneous hockey equipment (skates, pads, pucks, gloves, etc.). Hockey/lacrosse equipment may exceed 62" (linear) but no more than 115" (linear), without incurring an oversize fee.
  • Pole vaults
    One piece of pole vaulting equipment is defined as one or two pole vaults with a maximum dimensions of 6" x 6" x 17'. Note: On Alaska Airlines flights 2000-2999 and 3300-3499 the maximum single dimension is 8 ft.
  • Scuba
    One piece of scuba equipment is defined as one scuba gear container and one tank. The scuba gear container is limited to one regulator, one tank harness, one pressure gauge, one mask, two fins, one snorkel, one knife, one spear gun and one safety vest. Scuba equipment may exceed 62" (linear) but no more than 115" (linear), without incurring an oversize fee. Note: Scuba tanks must have the regulator valve disconnected. The tank must have an open end for visual inspection.
  • Surfboards/paddleboards
    One item of surfing or paddle equipment is defined as a surfboard or paddleboard case with up to two boards inside. On Alaska Airlines flights 1-999 the equipment may measure a maximum 115" (9 ft., 7 in.) in length alone. On Alaska Airlines flights 2000-2999 and 3330-3499 the maximum combined dimensions may not exceed 115" (linear). Customers checking surf or paddle boards are charged standard overweight/oversize charges.
  • Windsurfing
    One piece of windsurfing equipment is defined as one windsurfing board and one mast, boom and sail.

Additional sporting topics

  • Camping

    Camping equipment and fuel containers that once contained liquid fuel (e.g. camping stoves, portable heaters, and flammable liquid lanterns) are allowed as long as the fuel system is completely dry with no fuel remaining in the tank, hoses, or parts and no remaining fuel odor is evident. Any type of fuel is forbidden from transport in checked baggage. Fuel can be shipped as regulated dangerous goods through the cargo facility.

    Self-heating meals (e.g. MREs, flameless ration meals) are not permitted as carry-on or checked baggage due to the risk of unintentional activation of the heating source. Customers may transport these via air cargo only. Propane and empty propane tanks may only be shipped on all-cargo aircraft. No matches or lighters are permitted in checked luggage.

  • Firearms & shooting equipment
    For more details on firearm and shooting equipment restrictions, view our Transporting firearms policy.

Flying with skis?

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